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( ) 21. We are going to have _____ supper with _____ Greens tomorrow evening.
A. a, the B. the, the C. /, / D. /, the
( ) 22. Let’s _________ a noise, someone is sleeping.
A. not make B.no making C. not to make D. don’t make
( )23. The room is _______. They are brothers.
A. Tom and Mike’s B. Tom’s and Mike’s C. Tom’s and Mike D. Tom and Mike
( ) 24. He wanted to invite three of _______ --- Tom, Mike and _______ to his birthday party.
A. we, I B. us, me C. us, I D. we, me
( )25. We planned to meet at 10:30 at the station, but Bob didn’t _______ until 12:00.
A. turn up B. give up C. stay up D. show up
( )26. —Sorry . Tom, I can’t find the book you _______ me.
--- It’s OK. I don’t need it any more.
A.lend B. have lent C. will lend D. lent
( )27.I don’t know when he ______ here, when he __________ here, I will call you.
A. will reach, will reach B. reaches, reaches
C. will reach, reaches D. reaches, will reaches
( ) 28. Mrs. Zhang is a teacher_________ I want to learn from. She is so knowledgeable.
A. which B. when C. who D. what
( ) 29. --- What did Tom say to you just now , John
--- He asked ______________.
A. why I am so happy today B. what will I do for the weekend
C. who did I play football with after school
D. if I could go to the movie with him tonight
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