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二、单项填空 (共10小题,计分10分)
( ) 21. —Doctor, do I need to take any medicine?
—No. It’s not serious. Just drink enough water. Your body will fight the virus(病毒)______.
A. himself B. itself C. myself D. themselves
( ) 22. —Jack, you look worried. What happened?
—I ______ forgot Mr. Lee’s project. I’m afraid he will get angry with me.
A. heavily B. completely C. correctly D. especially
( ) 23. My grandparents live in an old apartment with ______ floors and they are on the ______ floor.
A. sixth; three B. sixth; third C. six; three D. six; third
( ) 24. The boss made him work 14 hours a day. That means, he ______ work 14 hours a day.
A. was made B. made C. was making D. was made to
( ) 25.—Do you know the man ______ is talking with the girl?
—Yes, he’s Mr. Smith, our chemistry teacher.
A. which B. who C. whom D. what
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