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( )21. I don’t like this dress, can you show me ______ one?
A. other B.others C. another D.the other
( )22. Don’t run in the classroom, you may hurt yourself.
A.and B. or C.but D.so
( )23.Lucy is a(n) student, she answers the teachers’ questions in her class.
A. active; the most actively B. more active; more actively
C. active; more actively D. more active; the most actively
( )24. Tom will call me up as soon as he ______ Yinchuan.
A. arrived B.will arrive C. arrives D. arrive
( )25. A new school is being built near here. I hope it ______ by the end of this year.
A. finishes    B.finished    C.is finished    D.will be finished
( )26. ______ weather it is today! We’d better stay at home.【版权所有:21教育】
A. What cold B. How cold C. What a cold D. How a cold
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