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21. —Who is ________woman in front of the car?
—The one with _______umbrella? She is the president’s daughter, Ivanka. 
A. a; an B. a; the C. the; / D. the; an
22.Xinjiang Grand Theater is near Urumqi. It’s only about forty ________ drive.
A. minute’s B. minute C minutes’ D. minutes
23. ________ the winter in Urumqi is rather cold, Ice and Snow Festival is still attractive to the visitors.
A. Although B. But C. So D. Because
24. More and more people prefer ________ on the mobile platforms(平台) rather than ________ cash.
A. to pay ; to use B. to pay ; use C. pay ;to use D. pay ;using
25. The new Urumqi Train Station looks much________ than the old one.
A. wonderful B. more wonderful C. most wonderful D. the most wonderful
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