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( )21.This book is______,please give it to ______ I hope to get ______book.
A. mine;me ;mine B. my; I; my C. mine;me;my
D. my;I;mine
( )22. Don’t worry, your mom will be back______2 weeks.
A. on B. for C. in D. at
( )23.He got up early______the first bus
A. cought B. to catch C. catching D.catches
( )24.We don’t know when .When he , I’ll call you.
A. will he come; will come B. he comes; will come
C. he will come; comes D. does he come; comes
( )25.---Look ! It be Jack on the playground.
---It be him. Because I saw him enter the classroom just now.
A. may; mustn’t B. must; can’t C. can; can’t D.must; mustn’t
( )26.---Travelling by train is than travelling by bus.
---Yes, but it’s not so as travelling by bus.
A. quickly; cheaper B. more quick; cheaply C. quick; more cheap
D. quicker; cheap
( )27.I prefer at home rather than to the cinema.
A. to stay; to go B. stay; go C. to stay; go D. stay; to go
( )28.---These story books for children are awfully written.
---They are interesting exciting.
A. either; or B. neither; nor
C. both; and D. not only; but also
( )29.I asked the bus driver where I should _____

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