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==============( )21. ---- What happened? ---- I fell down and hurt .
A. myself B. yours elf C. herself D. himself
( )22.You can _____ the word in the dictionary if you don’t know its meaning.
A. look at B. look after C. look out D. look up
( ) 23.---Excuse me, could you tell me______ buy some fruits ?
----Sure. There’s a supermarket down the street.
A. where I can B. where can I C. what I can D. what can I
( )24 . The poor girl by the unfrie ndly boys when she told her story.
  A. laughed at B. was laughed at C. laughs at D. is laughed
( )25. ---Is this your eraser?
----No. It be mine. Mine is in my hand.
A. may not B. mustn’t C. can’t D. might not
( )26. ----Do you know th
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