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中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 单元测试 二十 答案 I 词形转换 1 vivid vividl (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)y vividness 2 poison poisonous 3 sharp sharply sharpen (sharpener) 4 taste tasty taste (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)less 5 awe awesome 6 depth deep deeply deepen 7 accommodate accommodation 8 annual annually 9 aware awareness 10 true truly truth 11 argue argument 12 roof roofs 13 mud muddy 14 adjust adjustment adjustable 15 participate participation participant 16 arrange arrangement 17 skill skilled/skilful 18 donate; donation 19 distribute distribution 20 secure security 21 trouble; trouble troublesome II 词形填空 1. undesirable 22. Accompanied 23. conducted 24. absence 2. be adapted 26. accessible 27. resign 28. abandoned 3. fled 30. Urgent 完形填空 1-5 BCADC 6-10 ABCBD 11-15 CBACD 16-20 BACDB 21-25 BCDCC 26-30 DCBAB 31-35 GEFCA 36-40 BBAAB 语法填空 1. for 2. what 3. dangerous 4. falsely 5. leading 6. arrested 7. were allowed 8. he 9. tears 10. bravest 短文改错 The best advice I rec (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)eived in my childhood was from my dad. He always gives me some gave advice, but I seld (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)om took them seriously. One day he was encouraged me to participate it 21教育网 in a speech co (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)mpetition. So I signed up and after the competition, I did my best to be before full prepared. But th (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)e moment I stood on the stage, I was such nervous that my mind fully so 21cnjy.com completely went bla (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)nk. The experience of lose a competition was really painful. Then, losing my dad said, (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?) “My son, life is like ∧battlefield. You have to lose many time to win the a times 21世纪教育网版权所有 final victory.” Th (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)anks for his advice, I never give up when I do anything. to 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) 中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 单元测试 二十 一.词形转换 (M 7 U3 & U 4) 1.生动的,鲜艳的adj. ___________ 生动地,鲜艳地adv. ____________ 生动n. _____________ 2.毒药,毒害n.& v. _____________ 有毒的adj. _____________ 3.锐利的,锋利的,敏捷的adj. _____________ 锐利地,锋利地adv. ___________ 使变得锋利,变得清晰v._____________ 4. 味道,品尝n.&v. _____________ 好吃的,可口的adj. _____________ 无味的,不可口的adj. _____________ 5.敬畏,畏惧 n. _____________ 使人敬畏的,令人畏惧的adj. _____ 6.深度n. _____________ 深的adj./adv. _____________ 深深地adv. _____________ 加深v. ___________________ 7.容纳; 提供住宿vt _______________ 住所; 住宿n. _______________ 8.每年的adj. 年刊; 年鉴n. _________ 每年;一年一次adv.______________ 9.意识到的; 知道的adj._______ ___________ 意识; 知道; 明白n. _____________ 10.真正的; 真实的; 正确的adj. __________ 真正; 正确地adv. ______________ 真理; 真相n. __________ 11.争论,辩论 vi_______________ 争论,争吵n._________________ 12.屋顶n. _____________ 屋顶(复数)_____________ 13.泥土,泥泞n. _____________ 泥土的,泥泞的adj. _____________ 14.调整,使适合vi.& vt. _____________ 调整 n. _____________ 可调整的adj. _____________ 15.参与,参加 v. _____________ 参加,参与n. _____________ 参加者,参与者n. _____________ 16.安排,排列v. _____________ 安排,排列n. ____________ 17.技能,技巧n. _____________ 熟练的adj. _____________ 18.捐赠v._____________ 捐赠n._____________ 19.分配,分发v. _____________ 分配,分发n. _____________ 20. 保护vt.安全的adj. __________ 安全;保护;保障n.__________ 21.麻烦; 烦恼; 故障; 动乱n.___________ 麻烦; 使烦恼; 折磨v.__________ 令人讨厌的;引起麻烦的; (孩子等)难管的adj.__________ 二.用下列词语的正确形式填空。 21. Many of these places o (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)nce considered _________(desire) have become a hot spot for real estate development.21cnjy.com 22. ________(accompany) by his assistants, he paid a visit to the firm.www.21-cn-jy.com 23. To return to the (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?) problem of water pollution, I’d like you to look at a study _________(conduct) in Australia in 2012. 2·1·c·n·j·y 24. A bundle of letters had arrived for me in my ________(absent).【来源:21·世纪·教育·网】 25. This new film may ________(adapt) from a novel by Jane Austen.21·世纪*教育网 26. The medicine should no (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)t be kept where it is a________(可通达的) to children. 27. Shirley came to “po (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)wer” as homework monitor two weeks ago, only to r__________(辞职) this morning, feeling it too big a responsibility for her.2-1-c-n-j-y 28. He owned a farm, which looked almost a________(遗弃的). 21*cnjy*com 29. You shouldn’t have f________(逃走) from your responsibility.【来源:21cnj*y.co*m】 30. Let's leave t (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)hat matter aside for now and talk about the more u________(紧急的) problem in front of us.21*cnjy*com 三.完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分) (2019年广州市调研英语卷) I lifted my wet (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)woollen gloves to my face and wiped the snowflakes from my eyes. I could not feel my nose?and my 1 formed a thick fog in the air. The biting wind was making me 2 . I was fed up!?I didn’t want to be here. I wanted to go home. But Mum and Dad had 3 me to go for a Sunday afternoon walk in the park. I could?see my 4 in the snowy path, like a trail of breadcrumbs (一串面包屑) in the?forest showing me the way 5 . I stopped and liste (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)ned to my 6 . I could 7 ?the wind crying like a homeless dog hungry for a delicious 8 . The once-green tree 9 , which used to wave gently in the breeze, had become bare, and?the grass was covered with a 10 blanket of fresh snow. Then I saw a broken spider’s?web shining golden beneath a pale sun. My breath was like silky soft 11 floating up into the freezing cold air. Suddenly there (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)was Mum, 12 handing me a big cup of hot chocolate. Her big smile immediately 13 my heart.? “Here you are, Jo. (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?) This will keep you 14 ,” she said as she placed a comforting arm around my shoulders and 15 her cheek against mine. I slowly too (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)k a mouthful of the hot 16 and felt it slowly dripping down my throat like lava (熔岩) 17 down a mountainside. My wet woollen?gloves were now warm, not 18 . My breath warmed, and I was? 19 fed up or cold. I was happy and 20 . 1. A. sweat B. breath C. tears D. words 2. A. hungry B. thirsty C. cold D. tired 3. A. forced B. forbidden C. allowed D. needed 4. A. shadow B. image C. shoes D. footprints 5. A. up B. inside C. home D. there 6. A. surroundings B. whispers C. heartbeat D. mind 7. A. see B. hear C. feel D. smell 8. A. chocolate B. drink C. bone D. snowball 9. A. roots B. branches C. trunks D. leaves 10. A. colourful B. shabby C. plain D. white 11. A. ice B. rain C. smoke D. light 12. A. finally (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?) B. cheerfully C. gradually D. unwillingly 13. A. melted B. impressed C. broke D. stopped 14. A. calm B. alive C. warm D. awake 15. A. raised B. felt C. dropped D. pressed 16. A. soup B. liquid C. meal D. cup 17. A. flowing B. walking C. jumping D. squeezing 18. A. damaged B. abandoned C. frozen D. worn 19. A. either B. sometimes C. no less D. no longer 20. A. surprised (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?) B. contented C. determined D. warm-hearted 四.阅读(共10小题;每小题2分,满分40分) (2018年广州市调研英语卷) B Are you smarter than y (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)our parents and grandparents? According to James Flynn, a professor at a New Zealand university, you are! Over the course of the last century, people’s IQ test scores have gotten steadily higher --- on average, three points higher each decade. This improvement is known as the “Flynn effect”, and scientists want to know what is behind it.21·cn·jy·com IQ tests are designed (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?) to measure general intelligence rather than knowledge. Flynn believes that intelligence partly comes from our parents and partly is the result of our environment, but the improvement in test scores has been happening too quickly to be explained by heredity. So what has occurred in the 20th century to help people achieve higher scores?【版权所有:21教育】 Scientists have propos (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)ed several explanations for the Flynn effect. Some suggest that the improved test scores simply reflect an increased exposure to tests in general and the learning of test-taking techniques that help us perform better on any test. Others have pointed to better nutrition. Babies now are born larger, healthier, and with more brain development than in the past. Another suggested explanation is a change in educational styles, with teachers encouraging children to learn by discovering things for themselves rather than just memorizing information, which improves their problem-solving skills. 21教育名师原创作品 Flynn has limite (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)d the possible explanations after carefully examining test data and discovering that the improvement in scores has taken place in only certain parts of the IQ test. Test-takers are not doing better on the maths or vocabulary sections of the test; they are doing better on the sections requiring reasoning and problem solving. For example, one part of the test shows a set of shapes, and test-takers must find the patterns and connections between them. According to F (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)lynn, this visual intelligence improves as the amount of technology in our lives increases. Every time you play a computer game, you are exercising exactly the kind of thinking and problem solving that helps you do well on one kind of intelligence test. So are you really smarter than your parents? In one very specific way, you may be. 21. According to the passage, the “Flynn effect” is ________. A. a method used to measure intelligence. B. an increase in IQ test scores over time C. the influence of technology on intelligence D. a theory that connects intelligence to experience21教育网 22. What is the function of the third paragraph? A. To list the findings of Professor Flynn’s research.www-2-1-cnjy-com B. To provide possible explanations that disprove Flynn’s ideas. C. To outline d (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)ifferent theories explaining the increase in IQ scores. D. To describe (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)how research was carried out in the measuring of intelligence. 23. According to (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)the passage, newer educational techniques include _________. A. exposing children to fewer tests B. giving children clearer teaching instructions C. getting children to memorize lots of information D. encouraging children to find out things themselves 24. The writer believes that computer games _________. A. have discouraged people from taking exercise B. have made young people become less intelligent C. have helped improve people’s visual intelligence D. have caused young people to have poorer vocabularies 25. Which statement would Professor Flynn agree with? A. People today are taking easier tests. B. People today have fewer problems to solve. C. Not all aspects of intelligence have increased. D. The language ability of people has improved. D Characters in novels d (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)on’t always do what the writer wants them to do. Sometimes they cause trouble, take on lives of their own, or even work against the writer. It’s not just a problem for inexperienced authors:?famed children’s novelist Roald Dahl said he got the main character in his book Matilda so “wrong” that when he’d finished his first version, he threw it away and started again. Of course it’s no (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)t the characters’ fault. The problem lies with the author. Take Stephen King, who?admitted that writing working-class characters is more difficult nowadays because his own circumstances have changed. “It is definitely harder,” King said. “When I wrote?Carrie many years ago, I was one step away from physical labour.” This is also true fo (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)r characters’ ages, added King. “When you have small children, it is easy to write young characters because you observe them and you have them in your life all the time. But your kids grow up. It’s been harder for me to write about this little 12-year-old girl in my new book because my models are gone.” For other authors, s (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)uch as Karen Fowler, there’s one quality that can stop a character in its tracks: boredom. “I had particular problems with the main character in?my historical novel Sister Noon,” she says. “She had attitudes about race and religion that seemed appropriate to me for her time and class, but they were not attitudes I liked. Eventually I grew quite bored with her. You can write a book about a character you dislike or a character you disagree with, but I don’t think you can write a book about a character who bores you.” According to Neel (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?) Mukherjee, it was Adinath, a character in The Lives of Others, who made him work the hardest. “I think I struggled because it’s difficult to write a character whose most prominent personal feature is weakness, as Adinath’s is, without making that feature define him,” Mukherjee says. But a troublesome character is far from an unwelcome guest, he continues, arguing that “when characters work against the author they come alive and become unpredictable”. “That is a fantastic (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)thing to happen,” Mukherjee says, “I celebrate it. It is one of the great, lucky gifts given to a writer.” 26. What can we infer about Steven King’s book Carrie? A. It was his most difficult book to write. B. It was the first successful novel King wrote. C. There were few children featured in the story. D. Some of its main characters were working class. 27. Why did Karen (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?) Fowler have trouble writing the main character in her novel Sister Noon? A. She disagreed with the character’s attitudes. B. The age difference between the two was too large. C. She found the character very uninteresting. D. The historical setting made accuracy difficult. 28. Neel Mukherjee bel (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)ieves that his difficult-to-write characters ________. A. are a sign that th (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)e story is not realistic B. are often the most interesting C. should be praised b (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)y all authors D. need to be researched more thoroughly 29. The authors (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?) who were interviewed for the passage are probably _________. A. famous and successful B. unknown to the readers C. all from t (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)he same country D. just starting their writing careers 30. In which pa (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)rt of the newspaper would you expect to find the passage? A. Careers. B. Culture. C. Advice column. D. Lifestyle. 三、七选五 (共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分) (2016广州市高考模拟考试英语试题) Since the day of it (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)s birth, the United Nations has been the subject of much debate. 31 Others think that it is too weak. We can better understand this debate if we learn more about the U.N. and its history. The U.N. was started (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?) for two reasons. First, when the idea was born, people all over the world were tired of war. They felt that there must be peaceful answers to the world’s problems. 32 The second reason w (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)as that modern science had developed new bombs and airplanes. 33 National borders were beginning to lose their meaning. Science would develop even more dangerous weapons in the future. Only an international organization would be able to control modern science. Franklin D. (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)Roosevelt, U.S. President at the time, believed that the Allies (联盟) should plan for peace before the war ended. On December 1, 1943, Roosevelt, Britain’s Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin from Soviet Union agreed to start an organization for world peace. 34 During the next y (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)ear and a half, the idea of such an organisation was debated around the world. Then came the big day. On April 11, 1945, the first international meeting of the United Nations took place in San Francisco. The goal of the meeting was to write the U.N. Charter (宪章). All of the fifty-one nations at the meeting had their own ideas to offer for the Charter. 35 Every nation present voted for the Charter. No one voted against it. A. After a long debate, a final Charter was agreed upon. B. The U.N. Charter is a beautiful piece of writing. C. They asked all coun (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)tries, large and small, to join the organization. D. Even the smallest country on earth can have its voice heard. E. They also f (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)elt that only an international organization could keep world peace. F. These weapo (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)ns made it almost impossible for a country to defend itself. G. Some people (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)attack the organization because they think it is too powerful. 五.词组选择题 (共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分) 36. My desk mate is always troubling me. How can I ________ him?21世纪教育网版权所有 A. make fun of B. get rid of C. stay away D. let alone. 37. More attention should _________ these issues. 【出处:21教育名师】 A. call for B. be attached to C. appeal to D. turn on 38. The problems have _________ simply because you didn’t take my advice. A. arisen B. arouse C. risen D. raised 39. Often single-pare (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)nt children have to_______ some of the functions that the absent adult in the house would have served. A. take on B. take after C. take in D. take off 40. I suppose we ha (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)ve discussed the plan before but I will ask you again just ________. A. in sight B. in case C. by chance D. by nature. 六. 语法填空(共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)(2019年广州市调研英语卷) Although Socrates (苏 (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)格拉底) was poor all his life, he never asked his pupils to pay for their lessons. He taught 1 the love of wisdom, not for money. And 2 he had to say was always new and worth hearing. All his pupils loved him. But his unusual ways o (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)f teaching and his demand that students always ask questions made him some 3 (danger) enemies. The rulers did not want to be questioned. So they 4 (false) accused Socrates of teaching young men bad things and 5 (lead) them to ignore religion. In fact Socrates was a very religious man. His enemies had him 6 (arrest), and he was sentenced to death by poisoning. During the 30 (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)days before he was put to death, his friends and pupils 7 (allow) to visit him in his prison. They were astonished to find that 8 was calm and cheerful. He had no fear of dying. When the deadly poison was finally brought to Socrates, his friends were in 9 (tear), but Socrates seemed to be the 10 (brave) man in the room. He raised the cup and drank it as if it were a glass of banquet wine. 七.短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)(2019年广州市调研英语卷) The best advice I rec (?http:?/??/?www.21cnjy.com?)eived in my childhood was from my dad. He always gives me some advice, but I seldom took them seriously. One day he was encouraged me to participate in a speech competition. So I signed up and after the competition, I did my best to be full prepared. But the moment I stood on the stage, I was such nervous that my mind completely went blank. The experience of lose a competition was really painful. Then, my dad said, “My son, life is like battlefield. You have to lose many time to win the final victory.” Thanks for his advice, I never give up when I do anything. 基础题 题型练习 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)
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