[ID:4-6419762] 人教版英语中考总复习:31中考冲刺六:对话及交际用语技巧(含答案解析)
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I. 单项选择。
1. — __________ (2019 山西)
— Sorry. There is no one named Gary. You must have the wrong number.
A. Can I help you B. What’s the matter C. Is that Gary speaking
2. — Bill, can I get you anything to drink (2019 黄冈)
- ______ .
A. You are welcome. B. No problem.
C. I wouldn’t mind a coffee. D. It doesn’t matter
3. - Can I bring a friend to your birthday party(2019 安徽)
- Sure, ______ .
A. no problem B. not at all C. my pleasure D. well done
4. — Your pencil case looks really beautiful. (2019 临沂)
— ________. But in fact, Gina’s looks better than mine.
A. Of course B. Not at all C. I’m afraid not D. Thank you
5. — I was just in time to get there for the meeting. Thank you for lending me the bike.
— __________. (2019 上海)
A. That’s right. B. Of course not.
C. You’re welcome. D. The same to you.
6. — Would you like some juice (2019 十堰)
— ________. I’d like something to eat.
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