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21. Zhu Zhiwen was usual farmer several years ago. But now he is famous singer ,he can play piano .
A. an,a , the B. a, a, the C. an, a ,/ D. a, a, /
22.---Your dictionary is on the desk .
--- But where is _______ , Sally ?
A. I B. mine C. me D. my
23.The number of the teachers in our school 145 and many of them are .
A. is ; woman teachers B. are ; women teachers C. is; women teachers D. are ; woman teacher
24. --- Help to some desserts and fruit , Julie and Mary!
--- Thank you !
A. you B. your C. yourself D. yourselves
25.You must read the _______ carefully before taking the medicine .
A. news B. pictures C. numbers D. instructions
26. We should take our teachers’ and make full use of to study .
A. advices , times B. advice , time C. advice , times D. advices , time
27. _______ exciting news ! We’ve never had _______ long vacation before .
A. What ; such a B. What an ; such a C. How ; such a D. What ; so a
28. There an English contest in Kaili next term .
A. is going to have B. is going to be C. will have D. will to be
29. Jane’s mother preferred TV at home to to the concert .
A. to watch ; go B. watching; going C. watching; go D. to watch ; going
30. --- When did you meet Jack for the first tim
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