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2017中考专题复习专题十一 宾语从句和定语从句:15张PPT
专题十一 宾语从句和定语从句
(  )1.(2015·广州)Could you tell me ________ a moment ago
A.what were they talking about
B.what are they talking about
C.what they were talking about
D.what they are talking about
(  )2.(2015·山东青岛)I wonder________.
A.how will you celebrate Thanksgiving
B.that the Water Festival is really fun
C.what do people eat on the Mid-Autumn Festival 
D.whether you will make resolutions on New Year’s Day
(  )3.(2015·山东烟台)My deskmate asked me ________. 
A.when would I go to the zoo
B.whom I would play tennis with
C.how did I get home that evening
D.whether I have been to Singapore
(  )4.(2014·四川广安)—Do you know ________?
—Sorry,I don’t know.
A.if she will come to the concert or not
B.whether she will come to the concert or not
C.if will she come to the concert
(  )5.(2013·黑龙江绥化)The teacher asked the students ________.
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