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2017中考专题复习专题五 介 词:20张PPT
专题五 介 词
1. We should take measures to stop the forest   being cut down.
A. from B. in C. by D. with
【解析】选A。考查介词相关用法。句意: 我们应该采取措施阻止森林被砍伐。stop sb. /sth. from doing sth. 意为“阻止某人/物做某事”。
2. You don’t need to look   every new word in your dictionary.
A. for B. at C. after D. up
【解析】选D。考查介词相关用法。句意: 你不必在字典里查阅每一个新单词。look sth. up in the dictionary意为“查字典”; look for意为“寻找”; look at意为“看”; look after意为“照顾”。
3. The engineer will return from Macao   a few days.
A. since B. in C. on D. after
【解析】选B。考查介词相关用法。句意: 这个工程师几天后会从澳门回来。in a few days表示“几天后”, 句子常用一般将来时; after a few days表示“几天后”, 句子常用一般过去时。
4.    the morning of May 1st, we all visited the old people’s home.
A. In B. On C. At D. To
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