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期中复习易错题 单项选择题 _______your cousin going to bring us something to eat? A. Does B. Shall C. Is D. Will 2. I hope _______ a teacher like your mother. A. you to be B. being C. to be D. will be 3. He _______ very busy this week, but he ______ free next week. A. will be; is B. is; is C. will be; will be D. is; will be 4. Amy with Simon ________ going to play basketball. A. are B. will C. is D. am 5. ---I am worrying about Tom’s Maths. ---Don’t worry. He __________ good at Maths next year. A. is B. will be C. is being D. is going to 6. ---Excuse me, what time does Flight BA 2793 leave? ---Just a minute. I ________ if for you. A. check B. checked C. will check D. have checked 7. ---Is the Film Club _______ popular one in your community? ----Yes. Many people like to join _______ club like that. A. a; a B. the; a C. a; the D. the; the 8. It’s about 800 metres ________ her home. A. far away from B. away from C. far away D. far from 9. ----I’m going to be a famous writer like MoYan when I grow up. ---_______ a good idea. A. Sound like B. Sounded liked C. Sounding like D. Sounds like 10. My home is about 20 kilometres _________ from the school. A. far B. away C. long D. to 11. ---I’m going to Sanya with my parents for holidays. ----___________. A. Please go B. OK C. Have a good time D. Enjoy herself 12. The town is ten minutes _______ from here on foot. Let’s walk there. A. away B. far C.far away D. away far 13. ---Why not _______ John a toy car for his birthday? ---Good idea! He likes toy cars. A. buy B. buying C. to buy D. buys 14. ---Will you buy any present for your mother on _______ day? ---Yes. And she will also get a present on ________ Day. You know, she is a teacher. A. Mothers’; Teachers’ B. Mother’s ; Teacher’s C. Mother’s ; Teachers’ D. Mothers’ ; Teacher’s 15.My home is only ________ walk from the school. A. ten minute’ s B. ten minutes C. ten minutes’ D. ten minute 16. ----How many computers are there in this room? ---_________. They are moved to another room. A. Nothing B. None C. No D. No one 17. ----I am thinking of what to buy _______ my mother _______ a Women’s Day present? ----Some flowers are OK. A. to; for B. for; as C. for; on D. as; for 18. ---When do you ________ for Beijing? ---Maybe tomorrow. A. stay B. be leaving C. leave D. be staying 用所给词的适当形式填空 1. Cleaning the car is one of his least favourite _______ (job). 2. ---Where is Mum? ---She is busy _________ (cook) in the kitchen. 3. ---What about going roller skating this afternoon? ---I’m afraid I _________ (not be) free. 4. ----Are you still ________________(担心) about your grandma? ---Yes. I hope she will get well soon. jobs cooking won’t be worried/worrying 5. ---How many _______ (小组) are there in your class? ----There are eight. 6. We can get i___________ in many kinds of ways such as reading newspapers, watching TV and surfing the Internet. 7. If the temperature drops ________ (低于) zero degree, water will turn into ice. 8. It is __________ (good) to listen than to speak. groups nformation below better 9. 别为我担心,我会没事的。 Don’t ________ _______me. I’ll be all right. 10. I’m sure they will welcome __________ (visit) like you. 11. I’m going to ask someone ________ (fix) my car. 12. It’s so cloudy. I think it _____________ (rain). 13. One of my __________ (经理) houses needs repairing. worry about visitors to fix is going to rain Managers’ 14. Many ________(大学) students will help the old people clean their flats this weekend. 15. My uncle __________ (miss) the bus, so he had to go home by taxi. 16. Jack has _____ (little) money than Helen. 17. 从我家步行到邮局需要30分钟。 It _______ ________ thirty minutes ________ ______ to the post office from my home on foot. college missed less takes me to go
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