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专项训练一 单项填空
(  )1.—Who is________ boy in a red cap
—He is Tom. He is good at playing ________ basketball.
A. the; / B. the; the
C. a; a D. a; /
(  )2.Millie has ________ homework and she really doesn’t know ________ first.
A. much too; what to do
B. too much; to do what
C. much too; to do what
D. too much; what to do
(  )3.The dress________ you well, and the colour ________ the shoes.
A.matches; fits
B.fits; matches
C.matches; matches
D.fits; fits
(  )4.This pair of trousers is ________. Can I ________?
A. enough cheap; try on them
B. cheap enough; try them on
C. enough cheap; try on it
D. cheap enough; try it on
(  )5.—Is there ________ beef in the fridge
—No, there isn’t. There is ________ pork.
A.some; any B.any; any
C.some; some D.any; some
(  )6.—________ are your trousers
—They are black.
A.What B.Where
C.How D.What colour

(  )7.—________ is it from your home to the school
—About twenty minutes’ walk.
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