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第二部分 英语知识运用(两大题,45分)
31. ________ girl under that tree looks after ________8-year-old boy every day.
A. A; an   B. An; the   C. The; a   D. The; an
32. They are ________ to see their friends because they haven’t seen each other for a long time.
A. natural  B. pleased  C. hopeless  D. unusual
33. Many products ________ at the new factory next year.
A. are produced B. were produced
C. will be produced D. have been produced
34. The poster which is ________ on the wall is loved by all pupils.
A. set up  B. picked up
C. put up D. given up
35. I still remember the article ________ was written by our favourite teacher.
A. who  B. which  C. whose  D. what
36. —Which would you like, tea or coffee
—________ is OK.
A. Either  B. All  C. Both  D. Every
37. Alongside the road we can see a number of________. They are walking slowly.
A. horse  B. camel  C. sheep  D. fish
38. Look! The boys are paying attention ________ their coach repairing the computer.
A. to watch  B. to watching 
C. watch   D. watching
39. Be careful when you cross the road because there is ________ traffic.
A. too many  B. many too C. too much   D. much too
40. We should ________ the rules as soon as we enter the science museum.
A. defeat  B. replace C. lead  D. obey
41. Great changes ________ in my hometown in the past few years.
A. have taken place  B. were taken place
C. have been taken place  D. took place
42. Daming is ________ as Lingling, but Lingling works harder.
A. so clever  B. as clever 
C. more clever   D. the cleverest
43. “Right”and“write”sound the same, ________they do not mean the same thing.
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