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第一部分 听力(五大题,30分)
第二部分 英语知识运用(两大题,45分)
31. — I fell down and hurt my leg just now.
— ________.
A. Be careful      B. It doesn’t matter
C. I’m sorry to hear that      D. Nothing serious
32. Jack was quite sad about the exam. I went to his home to cheer ________up.
A. me     B. her     C. him     D. them
33. If you can value what you have and do something to help others, you will find your life is full of________.
A. anger B. pleasure C. trouble D. difficulty
34. My father is________. He always tells some funny stories.
A. handsome B. strict C. humorous D. careful
35. —What kind of music do you like
—Well, I like soft music. It ________ nice.
A. tastes B. looks C. smells D. sounds
36. It was so quiet in the room. ________, I heard a strong sound from outside.
A. Finally B. Suddenly
C. Secondly D. Luckily
37. When I was a child, I often ________football with my best friend.
A. played B. play
C. have played D. was playing
38. Remember to keep in touch with your teachers and classmates ________ graduation.
A. after B. before C. during D. when
39. Do you know ________yesterday I want to know the reason.
A. why did he leave B. how he left
C. why he left D. how did he leave
40. You may do it by yourself, ________ask someone else for help.
A. but  B. and C. so  D. or
41. —Why are you so sleepy
—We ________to finish the work on time, so we went to bed too late.
A. asked B. were asked
C. was asked D. had been asked
42. —Most teenagers ________ the heroes and usually follow them to behave.
—I think they should hold a right opinion. To be oneself is also important.
A. look forward to B. look up to
C. get along with D. get on well with
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