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(共20张PPT) 八年级下册Units 4-6 复习 一、 词汇拓展 1. pressure(n.)→__________(v.)按、压 2. development(n.)→__________(v.)发展 3. train(v.) →__________(n.)训练 4. compete(v.) →______________(n.)比赛、竞争 5. argue(v.)→____________(n.)争吵、争论→______________(词组)与……争吵 6. begin(v.)→______________(n.)开始 7. western(adj.)→________(n.)西方 8. icy(adj.)→________(n.)冰 9. wind (n.)→___________(adj.)有风的 press develop training competition argument argue with beginning west ice windy 10. usual(adj.)→__________(adj.反义词)→__________(adv.)通常 11. two(num.)→__________(num.序数词)→__________(adv.)第二,其次 12. weak(adj.)→___________(n.)弱点,软弱 13. magic(n.)→__________(adj.)魔术的,有魔力的 14. quick(adj.)→__________(adv.)迅速地 15. heavily(adv.)→__________(adj.)重的 16. suddenly(adv.)→__________(adj.)突然的 17. completely(adv.)→__________(adj.)完整的 18. strange(adj.)→___________(n.)陌生人 19. report(n. &v.)→__________(n.)记者 unusual usually second secondly weakness magical quickly heavy sudden complete stranger reporter 20. asleep(adj.)→_______(v.)睡觉→_______(adj.反义词)醒着的 21. silence(n.)→__________(adj.)沉默的→________(adv.)沉默地、寂静地 22. truth(n.)→___________(adj.)诚实的→_______(adj.)真的→________(adv.)真正地 23. excite(v.)→__________(adj.)令人兴奋的→________(adj.)兴奋的→_____________(n.)兴奋 24. old(adj.)→____________(adj.反义词)年轻的/新的→______(比较级)较老的→______(比较级)年纪较长的 25. communication(n.)→_________________(v.)交流 →___________________________(词组)与某人交流 sleep awake silent silently truthful true truly exciting excited excitement young/new older elder communicate communicate with sb. 二、重点短语 1. look _________ 快速查看、浏览 2. work ________ 解决 3. a big ________ 重要的事 4. get ________ ________ 和睦相处 5. ________ sb. sth. 主动为某人提供给某物 ________ sth.________ sb. 主动把……提供给某人 6. not __________ 不再 7. ________ one's ________ 依……看 8. cut ________ 删除 9. ________ sth. to sb 把……归还给某人 through out on with offer deal offer to anymore in opinion out return 10. ________ usual像往常一样 11. go ________(闹钟)发出响声 12. ________ up 接电话 13. bring _____________ 使……靠拢 14. fall ________ 睡着 15. die ________ 逐渐变弱;逐渐消失 16. break ________ 使……分离 17. make one’s ________ 前往;费力地前进 18. in ________ 沉默;无声 19. take ________ 拆除;往下拽;记录 20. have _____________ to 对……有意义 21. ________ first 首先,最初 22. as_________ 也 as off together asleep down pick apart way silence down meaning at well 23. tell the ________ 说真话 24. _________ ________ a time从前 25. a ________ bit 有点儿;稍微 26. ________ of 代替 27. ________ ... into 变成 28. get __________ 结婚 29. fall________ ________ 爱上;喜欢上 30. ________ sb. to sp. 把某人领到某地 31. remind sb. ________ sth. 使某人想起某人 32. remind sb. ________ ________ sth. 提醒某人做某事 33. work ________ doing sth. 致力于做某事 34. allow sb. ________ ________ sth. 允许某人干某事 35. can’t _____________ doing 情不自禁地做……;忍不住做…… truth once little instead turn upon married in love lead of to do on to do help/stop 三、句式回顾 1. — You _________ _________. _________ the matter? 你看起来累了。怎么了? — I studied________ _________ last night so I didn’t get _________ _________. 我昨晚学习到半夜,所以睡眠不足。 2. You _________ eat more now ________ _________ you won't be hungry later. 为了等会不饿,你现在应该多吃点。 3. Kids ___________ play computer games _________ late at night. 孩子们晚上不应该打游戏到很晚。 look tired until midnight What’s enough so that shouldn’t until sleep should 4. Maybe you _________ go to his house. 或许你可以去他家。 5. My brother ________ __________ television _________ I am studying. 我弟弟正在看电视,而我正在学习。 6. — What________ the girl doing ________ the time of the rainstorm? 当暴风雨来临的时候,那个女孩在干什么? — She________ __________. 她在睡觉。 7. — What ________ you ________ ________ eight o'clock last night? 你昨晚八点钟在干什么? — I ________ ___________ a shower. 我在洗澡。 could watching while was at is was sleeping were doing at was taking 8. Ben _____ ________ his mom____________ dinner ________ it ________ ________ ________. 当开始下雨的时候,本正在帮他妈妈做晚饭。 9. We _______ _________ the classroom ________ Jenny ________ _________ the piano. 当珍妮在弹钢琴时,我们在打扫教室。 10. I was ________ scared ________ I could ________ think ______ after that accident. 我如此害怕以至于在事故之后我几乎想不清楚事情。 11. __________many people like to eat junk food, they should really eat _________ fruit and vegetables ____ ______ they can be healthy. 虽然许多人喜欢吃垃圾食品,但他们真的应该多吃蔬菜水果,这样他们才会健康。 was cook/with to began when helping rain were cleaning while was playing so that hardly clearly Though more so that 12. ____________________the storm broke many things apart, it __________ people __________ together. 暴风雨尽管破坏了很多东西,但却拉近了人们之间的距离。 13. ________ ________ __________ the man finished speaking, Yu Gong said that his family could ________ ________ move the mountains after he died. 当那个男人一说完话,愚公说,他的家人会在他死后继续移山。 14. Sun Wukong can also make 72 ________ to his ________ and ________, turning himself ________ different animals and objects. 孙悟空也会72变,来改变他的形状和大小,把自己变成不同的动物和物体。 Though/Although closer brought As soon as continue to changes shape size into 15. You have __________ _________about the story, and _________ ________ you are wrong. 你们对这个故事有不同的看法,你们俩都没错。 different neither opinions of 【精练1】 用instead of 或 instead 填空。 1. Last summer, I went to Beijing __________. 2. He played the whole afternoon ______________ doing his homework. 3. Miss Li teaches us English _____________ Miss Zhang. 4. She didn’t answer me. _________, she asked another question. instead instead of instead of Instead 【精练2】 用when或while填空。 1. Amy was reading a newspaper ________ I came in. 2. _______________ the girl was shopping, the phone rang. 3. I was doing the dishes ________ my brother was taking out the rubbish. when When/While while 【精练3】用drop或fall的适当形式填空。 1. She __________ the plate and it broke into pieces. 2. Jim ________ off his bike on his way home. Luckily, he didn’t hurt badly. dropped fell 在空白处和有中文提示的空白处,填入一个合适的单词;在有英文提示的空白处,用适当形式填空。 1. __________(没有人) wanted to sound stupid. 2. My cousin borrows my things without ____________(归还) them. 3. ___________(反而), he watches whatever he wants until late at night. 4. They have a ________(快的) dinner, and then it’s time for homework. 5. I looked out of the window and __________(意识到) that it was late. 6. Maybe I could cut ________(删除) a few of their activities, but I believe these activities are important for my children’s future. 7. The wife said that unless he left the children to die in the forest, the ________(全部的) family would die. 8. __________________(虽然) the storm broke many things apart, it brought families and neighbors closer together. Nobody Instead returning quick realized out whole Although/Though 9. The new couple were _________(如此) happy that they couldn’t stop smiling when they got married. 10. This story ___________(使想起) us that you can never know what’s possible unless you try to make it happen. 11. When the twins heard of the bad news, they just sat down in ________(silent). 12. I was waiting for the bus when it ________(begin) to rain heavily. 13. Ben’s mother was making dinner when the rain began to beat ________(heavy) against the window. 14. As far as I know, there are no other man-made _________(object) as big as the Great Wall. so reminds silence began heavily objects 15. He finally fell ________(sleep) when the wind was dying down at around 3:00 a.m. 16. He is one of the best _________(sing) in China. 17. How ________ (luck) that boy felt! 18. I’m against _________(stay) here. We must go now. 19. I found my sister looking _________ my things yesterday. 20. Maybe you could do more jobs around the house so that your parents have more time _____ proper communication. 21. ________ you were sleeping, I called Jenny and she helped me. 22. The rain began to beat heavily _________ the windows. 23. Don’t eat it ________ you get to the forest. asleep singers lucky staying through for While against until 【话题1】描述青少年存在的问题,并对这些问题提出合理的建议。 佳句参考: My problem is that I can’t get on well with my family. I am worried about my school grades. What should I do? In my opinion, it is important for us to sleep well at night. I believe that if you communicate with your brother, he will understand you better. You should talk to him so that you can say you are sorry. 【话题2】描述一次难忘的经历或一次重大事件发生的难忘时刻,并谈谈当时的感受。 佳句参考: The most unforgettable thing for me is visiting the Summer Palace. I will never forget the whole thing which seems as if it happened yesterday. We were playing in the yard when we heard the news. I was so excited that I could hardly fall asleep at night. These are beautiful memories for me, and I will keep them in my heart all the time.
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