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中考英语短语总结(按字母顺序) A a bit of 有一点儿 a big dinner 一顿丰盛的正餐 a bottle of 一瓶 a can of 一听,一罐 a cup of 一茶杯 a few 一些;少数几个 a few days ago 几天前 a glass of 一玻璃杯 a drop of water 一滴水 a family of three people 一个三口之家 a great many 非常多的 agree to do sth. 同意做某事 a half 一半 a kind of 一种;一类 a large [great] number of 许多 a little 一点,少量(+不可n.) a little + 比较级 a long time ago 很久以前 a moment later 片刻之后 a good place to visit观光的好去处 a number of 若干的;许多的 a pair of shoes (gloves, glasses, socks,trousers ) 一对;一副 a piece of 一块(张,片,只) a type of 一种型号的…… a sleeping baby 正睡的孩子 a shop assistant 售货员,店员 a waste of time 浪费时间 according to 根据 across from 对面 another way of saying sth. 某物的另一种说法 after all 毕竟 after class / school下课后/放学后 again and again 再三地,反复地 agree with sb. 同意(某提议) agree with 与某人意见一致 allow sb. to do sth.允许人做某事 all day (long) 一整天;一天到睌 all kinds of 各种各样的 all night (long) 整晚,彻夜 all one’s life 一生;终生 all over 到处;结束 all over the world = all the world over全世界 all right 行了,好吧,(病)好了 all the same 仍然 all the time 一直;始终;老是 all by oneself 单独,独自 all year round 全年 arrive at/ in到达某地 as …as 像……一样 as usual 照常 as …as possible 尽量 as long as 长达…. as soon as 一……就…… as well as 也 as a result 结果,因此,由于 ask for 请求,向(某人要(某物 as soon as one can as soon as possible 尽早,尽快 at last(finally, in the end)最后 at least 至少 argue with sb.与某人争论 at the front / back of 在…的前部 / 后边 at the age of 在…岁时 at the beginning of …起初,开始  at the end of … 结束时(终点) at the moment 此刻;正当那时 at the same time 同时 at this time of (the ) day 在这时 at times 偶尔;有时 B base on… 以……为基础 bang one’s head 撞了下某人的头 be able to do sth. 能够做某事 be awake 醒着的 be afraid of + (名词)v-ing害怕,恐怕.. be afraid that 恐怕,担心 be angry at (about) sth. 生某事的气 be angry with sb. 生某人的气 be amazed at 对……感到惊讶 be against doing sth.反对做某事 be bad at 拙于 be bad for 对…有害的 be careful 小心 be covered with 盖满…,掩满 be busy doing (with) sth.忙于做… be different from 和…不同 be excited about 对……感到兴奋 be famous for…以…著名,出名 be fed up with 厌倦 be filled with=be full of 装满 be far from 离……很远 be for doing sth.赞成做某事 be friendly to 对……友好 be / come from 来自于,是……人 be full of 充满着… be grateful to sb.对某人表示感激 be good (bad) at sth. (doing sth.) 善于 be good for 对……有益的 be ill / sick in hospital 生病,住院 be in the hospital 在医院里 be in time for 准时 be interested in 对……感兴趣 be known to 为……所熟知 be late for 迟到 be / get lost 迷失(道路) be proud of 以……自豪   be made from 用…制成的 be made in 在某地制造 be made of 用……制造的 be made by 由……制造 be nice to 亲切的, 体贴的 be pleased to 做……感到愉快 be pleased with (对…)高兴满意 be (get ) ready 准备好 be ready for sth.(get ready to do sth./prepare for) 准备… be shocked at 对……感到震惊 be sorry for 感到抱歉 be sure 肯定;确信 be sure of 深信;确信 be strict with 对某人要求严格 be strict in 对某事要求严格 be sure that 确信 be sure to do sth. 一定要;务必 be supposed to do sth.应该做某事 be surprised at/by 使…感到意外吃惊 be tired from 因…疲倦 be tired of 对…厌倦 be up (时间等)到了,结束了 be used as (被)当作….来用 be uesd in 被用在.. be used by +人 (被)…用 be used for (被)用来做… be used to doing 习惯于 be used to sth. (被)用来… be worried about 担心 be worth doing sth. 值得做… best of all 最,首先,尤其 before breakfast 早饭前 before long 不久以后 long before 很久以前 both…and… …和…都;既…又 borrow…from…从……借…… break down 损坏,拆散某物 bring back 带回 by + 交通工具 搭乘某工具 by + 时间 到……时间以前 by air 由航空 by mistake 错误地 by accident 偶然地 by airplane/乘飞机 by then 到那时 by the time 到…时候为止 C call (up )sb. 打电话给某人 call one’s name 点名 carry on 坚持下去,继续下去 catch (a ) cold 着凉 catch a bus 赶公共汽车 catch up with 追上,赶上 clean up 清出,收拾干净 change one’s mind 改变想法 check out 检查,查看 check- out 收款台 cheer up 使高兴起来 climb up 攀登,爬上 come along 来,随同 come down 下来 come in (into) 进入,进来 come of …… 所生的,由…产生 come on 赶快,来吧,动手吧 come out 出来,出版 come over(to) 过来,顺便来访 come to 变成 come to oneself 苏醒,恢复知觉 come up 过来 come up with 提出 concentrate on sth. 全神贯注 consider doing sth.考虑做某事 cut down 砍倒,切断 D day after day 日复一日地,天天 day by day 一天天地,逐日 deserve to do sth. 值得做,理应… do morning exercise 做早操 It’s not necessary for sb. to do… do one’s best(to do)尽最大努力 do one’s lessons 做功课 do some cleaning / cooking / shopping 扫除/ 做饭 / 买东西 do sport 运动 do well in做得很好,成功 Don’t mention it. 别提它。  dress (oneself ) 穿衣服 drink up 喝完 drop off 放下(某物),下车 E each other 互相 eat up 吃完,吃光 either …or 不是…就是 enjoy + V-ing 喜欢做某事 enjoy oneself / have fun have a good time 过得愉快 enough to do … 足够做…… ever since 从那时起,此后一直  even so 即使如此 even though/if 即使 every other day 每阁一天 every 5 minutes每5分钟(阁4s) F fall behind 落后,跟不上 fall ill 生病 fall off 跌落,下降 fall over 向前摔倒 far from 距….远 far more enjoyable 有乐趣得多 fast asleep 睡得很熟 faster and faster 越来越快 feel good about life 享受生活 feel like doing 想要做某事 feel tired 感到疲劳 fill in 填写,填空 first name = given name 名 first of all 首先 five days a week 一周五天 finish middle school 中学毕业 fix up 修理 find out 查明,发现 for a while 一会儿 fly kites 放风筝 fly to 飞向 fly away 飞往,飞跑 fly up 向上飞 for ever 永远 for long 长久 for the first time 第一次 for some time 一会儿 forget doing sth. 忘记曾做过… forget to do sth. 忘记做… from door to door 挨家挨户 from morning to (till ) night 从早到晚 from now(on) 从今以后,今后 from place to place 从一个地方到另一个地方 from that time on 从那时起 from …to … 从…到… G get / receive a letter from sb. 收到某人的来信 get along (on) with 和睦相处 get along (with) 前进,进展 get angry with sb. 对…生气 get back 返回,取回 get down 下来,落下,记下来 get dressed 穿衣服 get here // home 到这儿/ 家 get hold of 抓住,握住,拿住 get into (in ) 进入,搭乘,陷入 get long 变长 get on/ off 上车,下车,起飞 get on well (with) 生活,与(某人)相处,(活动)有进展 get out (使)逃走 get out of 从……出来 get ready 准备 get ready to do sth. 准备做某事 get sb. into 使某人陷入 get sth. down 叫某人做某事 get sick 生病 get to 到达 get to do sth. 有做某事的时机 get asleep = fall asleep 入睡 get together 集合 get warm (long) 变暖[长] get married 结婚 give a call / ring 给……打电话 give away 赠送 give back 归还,送回 give sb. a call / ring 打给某人 give sb. a hand给某人帮助 give out 分发 give up = stop doing 放弃,戒除 go along 进行 go across 穿过,横过 go away 走开,离开 go by 经过……旁边 go for 为了……而去 go for a walk 去散步 go to bed 睡觉(并未入睡) go on doing (with)sth.继续做某事 go on to do sth.接着做 go straight along 沿着...一直走 go to sleep 入睡 go to the cinema / movie 看电影 go traveling 去旅行 go (the) wrong (way) 走错路 H had better do sth. 最好做某事 half an hour 半小时 hand out 发放 hands up 举起手来 hang out 闲逛 happen to be 碰巧是 have a bad(hard) time 过得困难 have a bath 洗个澡,淋浴 have a cough 咳嗽 have a chance to do=have an opportunity to do 有机会做某事 have a dance 跳舞 have a drink (of) 喝一点,喝酒 have a good journey 旅途愉快 have a good trip 一路顺风 have a try 努力,尝试 have a walk/test 散步/测验, have a wash 洗(手,脸) have been to曾经去了(已回来了 have gone to已经去(现还没回来 have breakfast /supper 吃早/晚饭 have lessons (classes ) 上课 have sth. with sb.把某物带在某人身边 hear from sb. 收到某人的来信 hear of 听说 help sb. (to) do sth. 帮助某人做某事 help sb. with sth. 在…帮助某人 help each other 互相帮助 here and there 到处 high jump 跳高long jump 跳远 hold a (sports) meeting 举行(运动)会 hold on在… 等一等,坚持,继续 hold one’s breath 屏住气,不出声 hope that … 期望…,希望… hope to do sth. 希望…… hour after hour 持续地 how far / long 多远/ 长/久 how many / much 多少/ 钱 how many times 多少次(对次数 how often 多久一次(对频度副词 how soon 多少时间之后(对一段时间状语提问 how tall / high 多高 hurry off 匆匆离去,赶快去 I I’d like to. …我想要,我愿意 I’m afraid (that)我恐怕 I’m sorry to do sth. 对做某事而抱歉 It’s hard to do sth.做事感到困难 It seems / seemed to sb. that … 在某人看来 It’s good / bad for sb. 对某人有益/ 有害 It’s time for …到…的时间了 in a day or two 一两天内 in a few days /weeks几天/ 周后 in a minute 一会儿,立刻 in a hurry 匆忙,立即 in all 总共 in different ways 以不同的方式 in the same way 同样的 in an hour 一小时以后 in back of 在……后面 in danger 处于危险之中,濒危 in fact 实际上,事实上 in front 在前方(面),在正对面 in front of 在……前面 in groups 分小组 in general 大体上,一般地 in half 分成两半 in the front of 在……前部 in one’s life 在有生之年内 in one’s fifties 某人50多岁时 in the front of 在…的前头 in (the) future 今后,将来 in the hospital 在这所医院里 in the middle of 在…中间 in/on the wall 在墙上 in the north 在…北部 in the east of .. ...的东部(内) in a few years’ time 几年后 in ten minutes 十分钟后(与将来时态连用) in the tree 在树上(非树本身) in the wall 在墙上(凹进去) in the past 在过去 in the sky/sun 在空中/阳光下 in the first /second half在上/下半场 in the world 在世界上 in the last few years在过去几年里 in trouble 陷入困境,陷入麻烦中 invite sb. to… (邀)请某人… it’s one’s turn to do sth. 轮到某人做某事 interest sb. in.sth. 使某人对...感兴趣 J join in 参加,加入 jump across/ through 跳过 jump down/off 跳下来 jump into 跳进 jump out of 跳出来 jump over 跳过去 jump the queue 插队 just a minute / moment 等一会儿 just now / right now刚才,现在 just then 正在那时 K keep busy (一直)忙碌 keep doing sth. 持续做某事 keep healthy 保持健康 keep sb. doing sth. 让某人做某事 knock at / on 敲门/ 窗 knock…into…把…敲进 keep on doing 继续做 keep a diary 坚持写日记 keep an eye out for sb. 关注某人 L last weakend 上周 later on 以后,过后 lead sb. through … (a place ) 带领某人穿过某地 lead sb. to.. (a place) 带人去某地 learn sth. by heart 默记,背诵 learn from 向……学习 lend..to..=lend sb. sth. 把..借给.. less than 少于,不到…. more than 多于,比…..更多 leave for 离开某地去, 动身去… leave…behind…把…遗留在.. leave school 毕业 let .....down 使.....失望 live on 靠…为生,继续存在 listen to tapes 听磁带 look around 向四周看,四处张望 look forward to doing sth. 期盼着 look for 寻找 look into 往…里看 look like 看起来像 look out (for) 注意,小心 look out (of)往外看 look over 检查 look through 浏览 look the same 看起来很像 look up 查阅,仰望 M make money 赚钱 make a contribution to 为..做贡献 make a decision 做出决定 make it 约定,做到 make a telephone call 打电话 make progress (取得)进步 make a(any) noise 吵 make friends with 与…交朋友 make…from.. 由…制造 make…of… 由…制造 make sure 务必,务请 make sb.do sth. 使某人做某事 make.sb.+adj. 使某人变得 make the bed 整理床铺 make up one’s mind 下定决心 more than 比…..多 more and more 越来越多  move away 搬开,搬走 move to 搬到 more or less 多少有点,或多或少 much asleep 睡得很熟 much too 太…(+adj.) multiply …by… …乘以… N neither … nor… 既不….也不 neck and neck 并驾齐驱 next time 下次 no longer 不再 no more 再也不 no matter what 无论什么 not a few 相当多的 not a little 不少的 not...until 直到...才.. not … any longer  不再 not … any more 再也不 not as …as …不如,不像 not …at all 一点也不,根本不 Not at all 不用谢,别客气 not only …but also 不但…而且 not so…as 不像,不如 nothing …but …除….外一无所有 nothing much 非常少,没什么 not … until ….直到…才… O one after another 一个接一个地, one by one 陆续地 on duty 值日 on the tree 在树上(果实等) on the west of.. ..的西部(外连) on show/display 展览,被陈列着 on and on 一直不断地(持续做… on the earth 在地球上 on TV 在电视上 on weekends 在周末 on the / one’s way 在途中,路上 on the way (to ) 在去….的路上 on time 按时,准时 on sth. right=on the right of 在…的右边 one another 互相 one …the another 一个…另一个 once upon a time 从前,很早以前 only a few 几乎没有 only a little 很少 out of 在…. 之外,从….里头 over there 在那边,在对面 P pass on 传递 pay attention to sb. 对某人注意 place of interest 名胜 play with 玩耍 play a joke on 戏弄人,恶作剧 play against 与……对抗 / 交手 plenty of 许多,充分的  pick up 拾起,捡起 point at / to 指向 practise doing sth. 练习做某事 pull …up from 把…从…拉上来 put away 把….收拾起来 put down 放下 put off 推迟,拖延 put on 挂上,张贴,穿上 put on(off) 穿,戴上,上演 put sth. down 把….放下来,写下 put up 张贴 pull up 举,升起,张贴 pull out of 从….拉出来 promise to do sth. 答应做某事 provide sb. with sth.向某人提供某物 prefer doing sth. 宁愿做某事 prefer … to … 比起...来更喜欢.. prefer to do.…rather than do 宁愿而不愿 prefer sb. to do sth.宁愿人做某事 R remind sb. of sth. 使某人想起事 remind sb. that.. 提醒某人.. right away / now 立刻,马上 ring sb. (up) 给某人打电话 ring up 给某人打电话 rather than 宁可 regard…as…把…当作… run away 跑开,流失,逃走 run after 追赶 run out of 用完 run off 跑掉 rush out 冲出去 S say hello/yes/no/thanks/sorry to sb. 向…...问候 save money 节省钱 see you again (later)再见 send away 开除,解雇 seem like 看起来像 seem to do sth. 看起来像是在做.. send sth. to sb. 把某物送给某人 send away 送走,开除 sell out 售完 serious about 认真、严肃 set out 出发 set off 激起,出发 set one’s mind to do 一心想做…. share sth. with sb. 与人分享某物 shake hands 握手 shouldn’t do sth. 不应该做某事 show sb. round somewhere 领某人参观某地 show sb. that ….做给某人看 shout to 对……大声叫喊 shoot at 对准某人/物射击 shut down 把……关上 slow down 放慢,下降 so far 到目前为止 some day 未来的某日 something wrong with 出了毛病 speak to sb. 与…讲话 speak highly of 高度赞扬 spend money on sth(in)doing sth.花...钱在某事上(做某事) spend time in doing sth/on sth. 在…上花费时间 spend time with families 和家人共度时光 sth. happen to sb. 某事发生在某人身上 stand up 站起,起立 stand in (a) line 站队,排队 stay up 熬夜 start for 从某地出发去某地 start out 出发 stop doing sth. 停止做某事 stop sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事 stop to do sth. 停下来去做某事 such….that 如此…以致 such as 诸如此类的;像…一样的 summer holiday 暑假 such an exciting match 一场如此激动人心的比赛 T take a bath 洗个澡 take a look at sth.看一看,看一眼 take a message 捎信,带信 take a picture/photos 照相 take a rest 休息 take a right 右转 take a seat坐下,就座 take a trip/walk 旅行/散步 take care of (look after)照顾 take away 拿走 take after 与...相象 take back 带回,送回 take down 取下 take place 发生 take it easy 放心好了,放松 take off 脱掉衣物 take out 拿出来 take one’s time 不急,慢慢干,用去(某人)时间 take one’s place/seat 坐某人的座位, 代替某人的职位 take one’s temperature 量体温 take one’s time doing不慌不忙地做 take… out of… 取出,把(某物)拿出来;把(某人)带出来  take part in 参加 take the train 坐火车 take sb. to 把某人带往某地 take sth. with sb. 把某物带在某人身边 take turns 轮流 take the first turning on the right 第一个路口右拐弯 talk to sb. about sth.和某人谈论事 talk with/to sb. 与…. 谈话 taste like 尝起来像 teach … not to 教人不要做某事 teach oneself 自学 tell the truth 说实话 telephone sb. 给某人打电话 tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人关于 tell sth. to sb. 把某事告诉某人 thanks…for…因…而感谢… “thank you” letter 感谢信 the capital of.. ...的首都(省会) the more ,the better 越多越好 the number of ….的数目 the lend of …之乡(都) the other + 名词  别的 the other day 前几天 the other(s) 另一个(其他的 the meaning of ….……的含义 the year of pig 猪年 think about 考虑 think over 仔细考虑 think of 就…思考,考虑…., 认为 this way 这种方法,这条路;请走这边 to one’s surprise 令人惊呀的是 to be sure 诚然,的确 to the south of.. ..的南面(外阁) too much 太多(+n.) trek through 在.....中穿过 try doing 试着做 try out 试验,尝试 try on 试穿,试试看 try to do 尽力去做 try one’s best 尽力 turn up / down 调大,调小 U----Y use up 用完 wait a minute 稍等一下 wait a moment 稍等一下 wait for 等候,等待 wait to do sth. 等着做某事 wait( for) one’s turn 排队等候轮到自己 wait in a queue 排队等候 walk through走过 wake up 叫醒,醒来 watch out (for) 注意,小心 wear out 穿坏,穿旧;用尽 well done 做得好 will be able to 能够 with one’s help 在(某人)帮助下 with these words 说着这些话 with one’s best wishes 致以(某人)最良好的祝愿 within an hour 一小时内 win the prize/an award 获奖 wish to do sth. 希望做某事 work on 从事….工作;继续工作 work out 制订出,计算,发展 worry about 担心;着急 would like(love) to do sth.想要做某事 hope to do sth. 希望做某事 PAGE
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