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Module 6 练习题
1. His father doesn’t _____ of his working in the south.
A. admit B. agree C. prove D. approve
2. She is only a(an) _____, not a friend of mine.
A. acquaintance B. familiarity C. acquaint D. sister
3. The May 4th. Movement ______ in 1919.
A. happened B. took place C. occurred D. broke out
4. If we heat iron, it _______.
A. extends B. expends C. spreads D. increases
5. --- How is Tom now
--- ____ I know, he is in a poor state now.
A. As long as B. As far as C. As well as D. As soon as
6. You should be _____ of opinions different from your own.
A. tolerant B. tolerate C. against D. favorable
7. Dirt and disease always go ______.
A. hand to hand B. hand over hand C. hand in hand D. hand by hand
8. It was _____ back to school from home.
A. not until Monday did he come
B. until Monday that he didn’t come
C. not until Monday that he came
D. until Monday when he didn’t come
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