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Module 5 练习题
1. Have the passengers gone ______ yet
A. on board B. to board C. above board D. on the board
2. Though he grew up in the north, he is now _____ to the hot weather.
A. accustomed B. accusable C. about D. addictive
3. ______, we work eight hours a day.
A. On the average B. To contrast C. General speaking D. In average
4. Our school changed a lot _____ the last century.
A. over B. in C. at D. from
5. _____, he came to school.
A. Though being ill B. Although illness
C. In spite of illness D. Because he was ill
6. ---- Is this the book you are looking for
---- Yes. It’s the _____ one I am after.
A. much B. very C. just D. so
7. Don’t hurry! This kind of work needs much ______.
A. money B. rest C. patience D. wait
8. I’m sure that he will help you with the problem. You can _____.
A. believe B. depend it C. depend him D. depend on him
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