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Module 4 练习题
1. In the botanical garden we can find a(n)______ of plants that range from tall trees to small flowers.
A. species B. group C. amount D. variety
2. The thing that ______ is not who you are , but what you can do.
A. matters B. cares C. considers D. minds
3. Success ________ diligence.
A. results in B. is resulted from C. lies in D. lies on
4.As soon as we got there, we ________ repairing the machine.
A. started to B. began to C. decided to D. got down to
5. The work _______ a great deal of care.
A. asks B. requests C. begs D. demands
6. This model is technically _________ its competitors.
A. superior to B. superior on C. superior over D. superior than
7. The bank strongly _______ interest rates.
A. resisted to cut B. resisted to cutting
C. resisted cutting D. opposed to cut
8. I hate those who _____ their friends at critical moments.
lie to B. betray C. harm D. damage
9. He said he had not discussed the matter with her.______, he had not even contact her.
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