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Module 3 练习题
1. They are twin brothers, but strangely they have nothing in ___.
A. total B. general C. common D. particular
2. Peking Duck ______ quite delicious.
A. tasting B. tastes C. is tasted D. tasted
3. The sentence was so difficult to understand. I spent nearly 10
minutes to ___________.
make it out B. make it up C. make it off D. make it over
4. The young writer ______ his success to his wife’s encouragement.
A. paid B. cost C. owed D. owned
5. How do you _______ yourself at weekends
A. amuse B. entertain C. help D. throw
6. Nowadays many young people head for big cities ______ they think it easier to find good jobs and realize their dreams.
that B. what C. where D. why
7. He worked a whole night, writing a financial report. ______he looks so
tired today.
No way B. No problem C. No wonder D. No doubt
8. Don’t worry. I’ll ______ her to hospital.
A. company B. accompany C. see D. send
1. Is this factory ____ we visited last year
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