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Module 2练习题
1. Your shirt , which must be made from silk, ______soft.
A. touches B.keeps C.feels D.holds
2. Before going to bed, he would read a while, ______ late it was
A.whatever B.however C.whichever D.wherever
3. ________ the apples in the basket on the table, the little child climbed up on a chair by the table.
A. Having reached C. Reaching C. To have reached D. To reach
4. -Where _____ Tom be I’ve not seen him since supper time.
- He must be in the library. Because he likes reading there after dinner.
A.should B.must C.will D.can
5. --You’ve been America, haven’t you
-Exactly. But ______
A. how did you know B. how have you known
C. how would you know D. how had you known
6. --So, you must help him whenever he is in trouble.
-- Of course,_______ we are good friends.
A.no doubt B.after all C.in that case D.in this way
7. ---Do you know whether Jim has finished his report
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