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Module 1 练习题
1. -Shall I take a message for you
A. Thanks a lot B. With pleasure
C. Thanks for your message D. It’s nice of you
2. As is known to us all, it takes years of _____ practice to gain _____ skills of _____ expert in this field.
A. /; the; an B. /; the; the C. the; the; an D. a; /; the
3. As a result, at the point in our game ____ I’d have predicted the score to be about 9 to 1 in my favor, it was instead 7 to 9.
A. where B. when C. that D. which
4. They believed, and _____ did we, that these modern paintings collected in the Shanghai Art Gallery were as valuable as those in the Museum.
A. that B. which C. neither D. so
5. _____ the child to bed, she began to correct the pupils’ exercises.
A. Sending B. Being sent C. Sent D. Having sent
6. - How do you find our company
- A little worried. We ____ ground as a leader in the field of IT with the others speeding up development.
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