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Module 2 Traffic Jam (100分)
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I.The following statements are based on the texts in Module 2. Decide whether they are True (T) or False (F). (10%)
( ) 1. As the cars come into the centre, video cameras record their registration numbers, and these are checked with a list of drivers who have paid the charge for that day.
( ) 2. You can get a seat during rush hours in double-deckers rather than minibuses in Beijing.
( ) 3. You’ll have a good view of the rapidly changing city while taking a taxi instead of underground.
( ) 4. The situation in central London, where drivers spent fifty percent of their time in queues, became so bad that the local government decided to do something about it.
( ) 5. After only six months, traffic coming into central London was reduced by about 30 percent, and journey times by 15 percent.
( ) 6. Tricycles, human-pedaled "tricycle taxis", are worth using if you want to explore the narrow alleys of old Beijing.
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