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Module 1 Life in the Future(100分) 命题人 郭炜敏
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I. The following statements are based on the texts in Module 1. Decide whether they are True (T) or False (F). (10%)
( ) 1. It’s certain that in the future, things will get smaller before they get bigger.
( ) 2. The students think that in 2025, shopping will be mostly done online while just a small number of people will do shopping in the malls.
( ) 3. Wherever people live, their telephone numbers will stay the same for life.
( ) 4. With the development of technology, people will be able to travel to other parts of the world without leaving their homes.
( ) 5. Space travel will become common but expensive.
( ) 6. New York Times once predicted that it would be common to see robots helping people in different fields by the year 2000.
( ) 7. Orville Wright couldn’t imagine a plane flying from New York to Paris.
( ) 8. It was predicted that the first moon colonies would be made by the 1970s.
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