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高一标准体系英语必修一Module 3模块测验
Module 3 My First Ride on a Train (100分)
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I. The following statements are based on the texts in Module 3. Decide whether they are True (T) or False (F). (10%)
( ) 1. It was the first time that Alice had her ride on a long-distance train.
( ) 2. Alice Springs is in the east of Australia.
( ) 3. The train is called the Ghan because of horses from Afghanistan.
( ) 4. The train was comfortable, but the food cooked by experts was bad.
( ) 5. Alice thought that this journey was terrible.
( ) 6. Alice talked to other passengers, read books, listened to music and so on.
( ) 7. The fastest train in the world, the Maglev, runs between Shanghai’s Pudong Airport and Longyang Station in uptown Shanghai.
( ) 8. The Transrapid Maglev travels very fast but uses more energy.
( ) 9. Magnetically levitated trains travel on rails between two magnets.
( ) 10. Leaders from China and Germany attended the opening ceremony of the train service.
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