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高一标准体系英语必修一Module 2模块测验
Module 2 My New Teachers (100分)
班级____________ 姓名 _______________
I. The following statements are based on the texts in Module 2. Decide whether they are True (T) or False (F). (10%)
( ) 1. My first impression of Mrs. Li was that she was nervous and kind.
( ) 2. The author thinks that Mrs. Li may go a bit too slowly for the better students.
( ) 3. We students don’t say a word in Mrs. Chen’s class.
( ) 4. All the students don’t like Mrs. Chen.
( ) 5. The author’s physics is improving thanks to Mrs. Chen’s doing scientific experiments carefully.
( ) 6.Although Mr. Wu has been teaching us for a short time, many students like him.
( ) 7. Mr. Wu is very popular because he’s got so much energy and is rather good-looking.
( ) 8. Mr. Wu talks loudly and fast, and waves his hands about a lot when he thinks we’re getting bored.
( ) 9. In France, Germany, Spain, Russia and Britain, the relationship between teachers and students is quite formal.
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