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高一标准体系英语必修一 Module 1 模块测验
Module 1 My First Day at Senior High (100分)
班级____________ 姓名 _______________
I. The following statements are based on the texts in Module 1. Decide whether they are true (T) or False (F). (10%)
1. On his first day at senior high, Li Kang is impressed with the teachers and textbooks.
2. Li Kang enjoys his English class, and he is excited about writing something about the street where he lives.
3. Ms Shen, Li Kang’s new English teacher, is different from his previous teachers in teaching methods.
4. In Li Kang’s class, girl students are as many as boy students.
5. Ms Shen finds reading comprehension important and pay little attention to speaking.
6. In Li Kang’s new classroom, the teachers write on the blackboard and their words appear on the screen.
7. Like middle school in China, secondary school in the US usually covers six years.
8. American students have a long vacation.
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