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Unit4 Sharing:29张PPT
Unit 4 Sharing
Step1.Warming-up and lead in.
United Nations Volunteers in China (the China Youth Volunteers) (中国青年志愿者)
(1)A hand: _________________
A heart:_________________
A dove: _________________
A letter:_________________
(2)True or false questions and translating exercises about “volunteer”
1. People work as volunteers for getting paid to do it – esp. for money and materials
2. Volunteers provide help and are forced to do so( )
3. Not only the person but also the society and the environment benefit from volunteering.( )
4.Volunteers are not paid not because they are worthless but because they are priceless.
5.There are many people who are in trouble and many people withe care and love are willing to help others.
Step2:Fast reading
1)The main idea of the text is ____
Jo’s difficult life in a poor remote village
Jo’s experience in teaching as a volunteer and the visit to a remote village
C. a chemistry lesson Jo gives in the school of a remote village
D. the poor teaching conditions of a remote village
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