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Unit 4 Sharing
It is the fourth unit of the New Senior English For China Student’s Book 7. It mainly practices the ability of reading and writing of students. The book includes a large number of new words, which are difficult for my students to understand. Therefore, it is important for them to preview the new words and the reading parts. The English of my students is poor. So it is difficult for them to get the main idea of the reading.
1. 四会词汇
relevant, doorway, adjust, platform, soft, softly, grill, privilege, arrangement, toast, comb, astronaut, catalogue, purchase, anniversary, seed, seedling, sew, ox, trunk, Kenya, tailor, income, skill, participate, political, distribution, finance, financial, security, operate, remote, otherwise, donate, clinic
2. 认读词汇
Papua New Guinea, bucket, bubble, Pidgin, slope, leftover, evil, vaccination, loan, supplement, Bangladesh, Tanzania, economic, Uganda, Sudan, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Malawi
3. 词组
hear from, be dying to, come across, stick out, dry out, dry up, in need, sewing machine, trunk library
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