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Unit 1 Living well
Ⅰ. 单元教学目标
技能目标Skill Goals
▲ Talk about disability and life of disabled people
▲ Express wishes & congratulations
▲ Learn expressions of formal introduction
▲ Revise the Infinitive
▲ Write a letter of suggestion

Ⅱ. 目标语言

I’d like to introduce you to ...
I’d like you to meet ...
May I introduce...
Pleased to meet you.
It’s nice to meet you.
Wishes & congratulations
All the best.
I’m proud of you.
I wish you success.
Good luck.
Well done.
I’m very impressed by your performance.
You have my best wishes.
I’m very pleased for you.
I hope it goes well for you.
That’s wonderful/amazing.

词 汇
1. 四会词汇
disability, disabled, eyesight, ambition, beneficial, clumsy, adapt, microscope, absence, fellow, annoy, annoyed, industry, tank, encouragement, conduct, politics, literature, resign, companion, assistance, congratulate, graduation, basement, accessible
2. 认读词汇
syndrome, Rosalyn, Sally, Marty, fulfilling, Kilimanjaro, Qomolangma, wheelchair, Sanders, earphone, impair, community
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