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Starting around 4000B.C., traditional Chinese brush
painting has developed continuously over a period ofmore
than six thousand years. Its growth has reflected the changes
of time.
During the 1st century A.D., the art of painting
religious morals gradually gained in prominence (明显;突出),
with the introduction of Buddhism to China and the consequent
building of temples. However, the subject later expanded beyond
religious themes. For example, paintings of historical characters
and stories of everyday life became extremely popular. By the 4th
century, this particular type of painting had already established itself
as an independent form of expression. It then gradually developed
into two separate styles including a genre (艺术风格) commonly
found in Chinese brush painting — flower-and-bird painting. A
great many artists in the 9th century painted in this genre and their
subjects included a rich variety of flowers, fruits, birds, insects, and
fish. Since the turn of the 20th century, painters have often mixed
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