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必修一 Unit1 Friendship
英 语 (一)
1.Taylor’s swift action helped her teammates ________ (镇定) down.
2. I was deeply hurt by the way she just ________ (不理睬) me.
3. She was ________ (心烦的) to hear that she failed in the exam again.
4. Adrian cycled along the ________ (积满灰尘的) road.
5. The old woman ________ (遭受) from a serious heart attack last year.
6. Honestly speaking, I’m c________ about your safety.
7. All children like to play o________ instead of staying indoors when the weather is fine.
8. Do you think he can r________ from lung cancer
9. My summer vocation was completely spoiled by a _________ of wet days.
10. A terrible accident happened so the h________ was closed.
11. Some students have trouble _______ grammar while others have difficulty _______ new words.
A. in; remember B. for; to remember
C. on; remembering D. with; remembering
12. He is different _________ his brother, but he is similar _________ his father.
2019~2020高中英语 Unit1 Friendship 训练卷
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