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Unit 1 Friendship 课时作业(一)
1.The bad news he gave us really ________(使不安) all of us.
2.I have lost much weight,so all my clothes are ________(松的).
3.She deliberately ________(不理睬)my question and changed the subject.
4.We are all ________(担忧)about his health.
5.Life is made up of a ________(系列) of choices.When you make a different choice,you will have a different way. 
6.Children should spend more time taking exercise ________(在户外)and less time watching TV at home.
7.The baby was crying and the mother was trying her best to ________(使平静) her down.
8.It was the happiest day in my ________(整个的)life.
9.A man should rely upon his own ________(力量).
10.The boy hid himself behind the ________(窗帘)and looked out through the window.
11.After a few days of fever,he began to ________________(恢复).
12.He ________________(打行李) up what he might need during his journey and left home.
13.His friend has ________________(遭受) from ill health for some years.
14.She packed all her things into a ________________(行李箱).
15.She ________________(定居)in Beijing after her father's death.
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