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Module 8 unit 2 The universal language
Period One Welcome to the unit
Teaching aim
Let the students get familiar with the topic of music. Encourage the students to practice their spoken English by talking about their favourite kind of music and discussing the pictures.
Teaching important and difficult points
1. Relate the information given in the book to the students’ own experiences and let them get familiar with different kinds of music.
2. Let them talk about music fully and freely.
Teaching aids
A computer and a projector.
Teaching procedures:
Step I. Lead-in (Discussion)
Do you like music Why or why not
How many kinds of music do you know Can you list some types of music
What are the common topics of music
Step II. Ask the students to look at the pictures one by one on P17. Then ask some questions about each picture.
Step III. Enjoy some music and ask the students to tell what kind of music they are.
Step IV. Make up a dialogue.
Ask you partner what kind of music he/she likes best and why he/she likes about it.
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