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Unit 1《Laughter is good for you》 Reading

Teaching aims:
(1) Encourage the Ss to grasp the main topics of the three sections---types of stand-up, a famous comedian and the fact that laughter is good for your health.
(2) Stimulate the Ss’ interest in learning English by talking about their own opinions when it
comes to the topic “Laughter is the best medicine”.
(3) Students are expected to gain some knowledge about stand-up comedy and reinforce their reading comprehension.
(4) Develop the students’ reading ability---how to guess the meanings of new words.
Important points & difficult points:
Find the main points in the three sections and express them.
Understanding the text.
Step 1 Lead-in
(1) Warming up:
Learn about famous comedians and well-known forms of comedy.
(2) General questions:
1. What is the article about Stand-up comedy.
2. How many types of stand-up are there There are four main types.
3. What is laughter good for Our health.
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