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高中英语北师大版必修5第13单元 语法 过去分词 课件:20张PPT
M5-No.2 U13-L1-2 EQ:IQ (Grammar: Past Participle)
Part One:Discovery
Professor Salovey is the inventor of the term EQ. He gives the following description: At work, IQ gets you hired① but EQ gets you promoted②. Supported③ by his research, he suggests that a person’s EQ might matter more than his IQ in his future success.
Professor Mayer is recognized④as the leading expert in the study of changes to people’s EQs. He has done⑤a research on senior high students. The result shows that normal students who make friends with disabled⑥students are more understanding and helpful. The disabled⑦ students also become more positive about life. Therefore, to lead a happy and successful life requires a high EQ—the higher, the better.
★ Summary 1 (过去分词的作用)
和助动词一起构成 ___________ 的谓语( )
和be动词一起构成____________ 的谓语( )
高中英语北师大版必修5第13单元 语法 过去分词 课件+导学案
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