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第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)
What did the woman do
Drove an amazing car
Stuck head out of the sunroof
Tried to get some fresh air
How will the man go to the pool
A. by bus B. on foot C. by bike
3. What does the man expect
A. letters and package
B. photos promised by Naomi
C. mail to the woman
4. Why is the boy’s mother so depressed
A. Because she is sick
B. Because she is tired
C. Because she is bored
5. What is the man’s father now
A. a doctor B. a teacher C. a volunteer
6. What will the woman do during the holiday
A. Work on a report B. Travel to somewhere C. Have a rest
7. How did the man deal with the woman’s car
A. He lent it to others B. He got it damaged C. He sold it out
8. What is the probable relationship between the speakers
A. colleagues B. husband and wife C. friends
9. How is the speakers’ future
A. promising B. difficult C. unclear
10. What are the speakers looking forward to
A. some relaxation
B. finishing the rest work
C. reuniting with parents
11. What will the woman do during the Spring Festival
A. Travel across the country
B. Travel around Beijing
C. Get together with her parents
12.Where does the woman work
A. in the countryside
B. in Beijing
C. in a city near Beijing
13. What does Lisa use the Internet to do
A. buy goods B. look for material C. do her homework
14. Why does the man use the internet more
A. to sell goods B. to check e-mail C. to play online games
15. What does the man think of the Internet
A. It is fun chatting online
B. It has advantages and disadvantages
C. It gives him many chances to earn money
16. What is the relationship between the speakers
A. classmates B, teacher and student C. colleagues
17. What did the speaker eat on the train to Paris
A. a hamburger B. a steak C. a hot dog
18. Who did the speaker sit next on his way to Rome
A. William B. John C. Marcus
19. Why does the speaker want to sit next to Maria
A. to help her relax when flying
B. to listen to music
C. to learn from her
20. Which of the following is the speaker’s route
A. London---Edinburgh----Paris----Rome------Bavaria---Helsinki
B. London--- Paris -----Edinburgh------Bavaria----Rome ---Helsinki
C. London-------Rome----Paris----- Edinburgh ------Bavaria---Helsinki
第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,20小题,满分40分)
第一节 (共15小题,每小题2分,满分30分)
Get ready to fill your days full of fun and adventure. West Dorset, an area of outstanding natural beauty, is always a place to go and there is always something going on. The following are some of the star attractions.
Mapperton House &Gardens
Impressive valley gardens surrounded by wooded landscape.
Gardens open: Daily 11am---5pm except Saturdays, March to October included.
Booking through Tel: (01308) 862645 or wmapperton.com
Bridport Museum
Local history museum detailing the town’s famous rope and net trade with additional changing temporary displays. We also have a year round Local History Gentre nearby where you can complete local and family history research.
Open: Monday-Saturday, April to October included.
Booking through Tel: (01308)458703 or wbridportmuseum.co.uk
Furleigh Estate Wine Tours
Vineyard and winery, producers of the UK’s most outstanding sparkling wine. Come and see how the 2016 Winemaker of the Year makes wine.
Open for sales: 11am-4pm Fridays and Saturdays, tours at 2 pm
Booking through Tel: (01308)488991 or wfurleighestate.co.uk
Email: infofurleigliestate.co.uk
Old Crown Court and Cells
Experience two hundred years of shocking crime and punishment. Location of Tolpuddle Martyrs’
trial. Tours of court room and cells on selected afternoons mid-July to end August.
Open: Monday-Friday, March to September included.
Booking through wvisit-dorset.com
For all the latest information about attractions including opening times, prices and also some great discounts and special offers, please go to wvisit-dorset.com.
21. Where can you learn about wine making
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