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I prided myself on being unattached to any device(装置). Then I got a smartphone.
It was not a very fancy smartphone. I bought it at a low price at a second-hand shop. It has 8G of memory, two-thirds of which the operating software needs to run. I figured there wasn’t enough memory left to make this phone all that important to me.
I was wrong.
An early warning sign was the water-resistant plastic case I bought for the phone. Clearly, I intended to carry it with me. That first night, I downloaded my favorite apps, like Gmail, Google, and Kindle .... All my self-control issues with the Internet were now in the smartphone. It was used during commercial breaks and the line at the bank. I even checked my phone while on the phone with someone else. Soon that device was the first thing I grabbed after waking —checking the weather, the news and my email.
Recently, I was waiting for my younger child’s soccer game to start, trying to answer emails and update a website.The phone lost its signal, for I made a mistake updating the website. I couldn’t correct it until I had a real keyboard and reliable Internet. Knowing that didn’t stop me from refreshing the screen throughout the game.
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