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必修一综合 Review
黑龙江省哈尔滨市 邱尚瑛
学案与同步练习 本册综合— 4
I. Read the passage of A Night the Earth didn’t Sleep, and listen to the listening texts, then fill in the blanks without looking at your book.
1. Tens of thousands of cows would never _______________. Half a million pigs and millions of _______________.
2. Sand now _______________ instead of water. People _______________.
3. Later that afternoon, another big quake _______________ as strong _______________ shook Tangshan.
4. Some of the rescue workers and _______________ under the ruins. More _______________.
5. Water, food, and electricity _______________. People began to wonder how long _______________.
6. All hope was not lost. Soon _______________ the army sent 150,000 soldiers to Tangshan to _______________.
7. _______________ of people were helped. The army organized teams _______________ were trapped and to bury the dead.
8. To the _______________, most of the10,000 miners _______________ the coal mines there.
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