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I'm not feeling well. Lesson 1 One Grade Six Rain rain go away. Come again another day. Daddy wants to play. Rain rain go away. (mummy, brother, sister, baby, all the family) Warm up—A song Review —What will the weather be like in Beijing? —It will be ...... —What's the date today? —It's ...... Lead—in wear coat 穿 外套,上衣 Lat's talk—one 1.Where is Tom? 2.Does he have a cold? 3.What does he want? Listen and answer (M = Mom, T = Tom) M: What's the matter, Tom? T: I'm not feeling well, Mom. M: Do you have a cold? T: Yes, I think so. Could you give me some water, please? M: Here you are. T: Thank you, Mom. Lat's talk—two 1.Does Tom want to see a doctor? 2.Is it warm outsaid? 3.What does Tom want this time? Listen and answer M: Tom, you must go and see a doctor. T: OK, Mom. M: It's cold outside. You must wear your coat. T: OK, Mom. Could you pass me my coat, please? M: Here you are. T: Thank you, Mom. M: Tell me your teacher's number. I'll call him and tell him you are sick. T: OK. Here it is. matter not, well cold Yes water here thank you see a doctor OK cold, outside,coat. pass, coat here thank you teacher's number call, tell, sick OK, here 家庭作业 HOMEWORK 请两人一组自由组合,课后练习本节课对话,下节课进行对话表演。 可连接对话动画
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