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Unit 4 Computers Reading
Learning Targets学习目标:
1.Learn the details on Computer facts
2.Have a correct idea in using computers
Learning Procedure学习过程:
Task I Small talk
Do you have a computer at home… …
How often do you use the computer… …
Task II Vocabulary Learning
The words in italics are from the article Computer facts, Match their English meaning.
depend on small
operate don’t know
In addition as well
be unaware of can
be able to make sth. work
tiny over
more than always need help from
Task III While-Reading
fill in the blanks
①S1: There may be tiny computers in your home.
S2: Where, for example
S1: Inside your _________ or ________________.
②S1: We can do many things with computers in our daily life.
S2: For example
S1: We can _________, _________ and ________________with them.
③S1: Computers can do some important jobs.
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