[ID:4-3908740]Unit 2 Why don’t you talk to your parents?知识检测(无答案)
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初三上册Unit 2 Why don’t you talk to your parents 知识检测
1. I _________(猜测) his uncle is a computer programmer.
2. Don’t be n___________. I think you can do well in the test.
3. Can you e__________ why you arrived late for school this morning
4. ___________(抄袭) other students’ homework is not right.
5. It may __________(引起) health problems if you don’t get enough sleep.
6. It is difficult for a small store to __________(竞争) with a supermarket.
7. Please fill in the bland with ___________(正确的,恰当的) information.
8. Tom ___________(争论) with his brother about this question just now.
9. He is a ____________(典型的) Englishman.
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