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Introduce “your farm” to your partner. cake hat a me bad e kite milk i nose box o student bus u Can you find the rules? Read loudly. Group the words: name、fat、bee、home、use、cup、dog、bike、ship、plane、bed、bag、meet、egg、no、music、hi、fish、box、much Love me, love my dog. Do you know the famous sayings? She’s as gentle as a lamb. He’s as strong as an ox. He’s as fast as a horse. He’s as clever as a monkey. vegetables: Guess the meaning ! Cucumbers,potatoes,tomatoes,onions and carrots are vegetables.    They like hens,but they are bigger than hens.      turkeys: Meat from goats or sheep. mutton: A hat is made of straw. straw-hat: Act out the dialogue in groups. Tell the story to your parents and friends.
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