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★ expect to do sth. 意为“期待 / 期望做某事”。如:
I expect to be back within a week.
★ expect sb. to do sth. 意为“预料 / 期待 / 期望某人做某事”。如:
Did you expect me to believe that
1. —Did you watch the football game yesterday
—Yes, I did. John is really a dark horse. Nobody ________ him to go so far.
A. wanted
B. expected
C. hoped (2016 内蒙古呼和浩特改编)
2. Leonardo DiCaprio, a famous American actor, was always expecting ________ an Oscar and finally he made it.
A. to win B. winning
C. not to win D. not winning (2016 广东)
1. have a(n) + 疾病名称
“have a(n) + 疾病名称”,表示患病,如:have a cold / fever / cough / stomachache / toothache等。
◆“sb.+be / feel +某些形容词(如:tired, sick, ill)”表示某人感到不适。如:
I am / feel tired.
◆“身体部位+be / feel+某些形容词(如:hot, sore)”表示某部位感到不适。如:
My head is / feels hot.
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