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Unit 4 单元整合
1. Is there ____ hall in your school
A. theB. a C. an D. 不填
2. Peter has to go to bed at 9:30 ______ school nights.
A. toB. on C. atD. in
3. My father always ______ with a cup of tea after work.
A. relaxes B. relax C. fight D. fights
4. The classroom is ______. We have to clean it now.
A. dirty B. tidy C. new D. old
5. My nine-year-old brother wants to learn ______ a bike.
A. riding B. ride C. rides D. to ride
6. We students must ______ these school rules. They are good for us.
A. have B. follow C. take D. finish
7. Do you know her I remember ______ you about her.
A. to tell B. to telling C. telling D. tell
8. —Does Ben have to take the subway to work —______. He can also take the bus.
A. Yes, he does B. Yes, he has C. No, he hasn’t D. No, he doesn’t
9. My brother practices ______ every Sunday.
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