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Unit 9单元整合
() 1. —Is Steve’s cousin _______ artist—Yes. He’s _______ good artist.
A. an; an B. an; aC. a; a D. a; an
() 2. They put pictures of the lost boy _______ newspapers.
A. on B. at C. in D. with
( ) 3. Linda is good at singing and she dreams of being a _______.
A. worker B. player C. driver D. singer
( ) 4.Alice, let’s go to the _______. I want to watch that new movie.
A. restaurant B. cinema C. bank D. hospital
( ) 5. Can you tell me another story, Mom It’s boring to listen to _______ story.
A. same B. the sameC. funny D. the funny
( ) 6. Jane, if you want to be _______, you can’t eat too much.
A. tall B. heavyC. thin D. tidy
( )7. I don’t know what to say. It’s difficult to _______ how I feel.
A. describe B. studyC. write D. forget
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