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Unit 7单元整合
( )1. There is _______ park in my village, and I go to _______ park every week.
A. a; the B. a;不填 C. the; the D. the;不填
( )2. The weather is cool and it’s right _______ walking.
A. to B. of C. for D. with
( )3. Australia is a beautiful _______. I like it.
A. village B. countryC. library D. school
( )4. Please tell the students _______ their classroom. It’s dirty.
A. clean B. cleaning C. to clean D. to cleaning
( )5. I want to wear warm clothes, Mom. I feel _______.
A. cold B. hot C. warm D. dry
( )6. They are having a great time _______ in the pool.
A. to swimming B. swim C. to swim D. swimming
( )7. —Is your mother _______ now—Yes, she is making a cake.
A. dancing B. cooking C. reading D. exercising
( )8. My father’s car doesn’t _______ today, so he has to take a bus to work.
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