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Unit 5 单元整合
1. —Is that _______ elephant—Yes. And _______ elephant is 3 years old.
A. a; the B. an; an C. a; an D. an; the
2. John, can your dog walk _______ two legs A. by B. on C. in D. at
3. Dale is _______ and he doesn’t talk much. A. free B. scary C. shy D. clean
4. You’re new here and it’s _______ of you to bring a map.
A. smart B. strict C. beautiful D. true
5. —Helen, don’t _______ to come here before 6:30. —OK. I’ll arrive on time.
A. learn B. want C. forget D. like
6. Let’s find a quiet ___ and we can talk there. A. game B. jobC. life D. place
7. This pair of trousers is _______ short for me.
A. kind to B. kind of C. kinds of D. a kind of
8. —_______ do you like ping-pong —Because it’s relaxing.
A. How B. When C. Why D. Where
9. Don’t _______ this tree. It’s very important to Tom.
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