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(共18张PPT) Chinese music math science P.E. history geography art Subjects: What subject is it ? It’s . . . Days of the week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 星期日 星期一 星期二 星期三 星期四 星期五 星期六 There are ___ days in a week. 7 1st day 2nd day 3rd day 4th day 5th day 6th day 7th/ day last my favorite the next day for sure on Friday at eight /8:00/8 play games with sb. from… to … useful 根据箭头指向的汉语说出英语单词或短语。 Play a game A: What’s your favorite subject? B: …… A: Why do you like science? B: Because it’s interesting. A:Who is your favorite teacher ? B: … … A: When do you have science? B: I have it on…… Make a conversation My name is .... /My favorite subject is… /I like …because…/ My classmate’s favorite subject is …because he /she thinks it’s … /We have…on…/ Our …teacher is …/ we love … and we also love… students What subject Why? When? Zhang Hongcheng history fun Friday Who? Miss Fang interesting (反义词) ___________ 2. busy (反义词) ___________ 3. difficult (反义词) ___________ 4. A.M.(反义词) ___________ 5. 在星期五 ___________ 6. 在九点钟 ___________ 7. 上科学课 ___________ 8. 上历史课 ___________ free easy P.M. boring 一、按要求写出正确的单词或句子。 at nine have history have science on Friday 9. 从……到 ________________ 10. 在那之后 ________________ 11. 上一节美术课 ________________ 12. 两个小时长 ________________ 13. 我的课在3:30结束。 ____________________________ 14. 老师说数学很有用。 ____________________________ have an art lesson for two hours My class finishes at 3:30. The teacher says math is useful. from … to … after that 1. Green and red are my f__________ colors. 2. Li Dong has eight ________ (学科;科目) at school. 3. ______ (为什么) do you like school? 4. I don’t like math b________ it’s very difficult. 5. His Chinese class is on M________. 6. If you are ______(空闲的), please come to help me. 7. That is a ________(有用的) knife. I like it very much. 8. She likes m______. She wants to be a singer. 二、根据提示填空。 avorite subjects Why ecause onday free useful usic 句型大闯关 三、单项选择。 1. We have math and Chinese ______ Friday morning. A. at B. in C. on D. for 2. Nick is ten years old.______ favorite food is chicken. A. My B. His C. Our D. Your 3. He usually finishes ______ TV at 12: 00. A. watching B. watches C. watch D. to watch 4. Our prices are ______ 15 yuan ______100 yuan. A.for;to B.to;for C.from;to D.to;from C B A C 语法加油站 9. —______ do you like Friday? —Because I have art and P.E. 10. —______ is your father’s favorite sport? —Running. 11. —______ is your weekend? —It’s great. 12. —______ is your School Day? —It’s on October 28th. Why What How When 四、连词成句。 1. dad’s, what’s, your, sport, favorite _____________________________? 2. color, favorite, his, purple, mother’s, is _______________________________. 3. favorite, who, teacher, is, Peter’s ____________________________? 4. like, why, does, he, science, math, and ________________________________? 5. math, I, think, but, is, useful, difficult _______________________________. What’s your dad’s favorite sport His mother’s favorite color is purple Who is Peter’s favorite teacher Why does he like math and science I think math is useful but difficult 四、 根据答语写出相应的问句。 1. ___________________________? My favorite subject is English. 2. ___________________________? My English teacher is Mrs. Li. 3. _________________________? Because music is very relaxing. 4. ____________________________? Her favorite food is ice cream. 5. ___________________________? Because he thinks P.E. is fun. What’s your favorite subject Why do you like music Who is your English teacher What’s her favorite food Why does he like P.E. 1.His favourite subject is English. (改为一般疑问句?) 2.Her mother’s favourite color is blue. (对划线部分提问) 3.He likes art because it’s fun. (对划线部分提问) 4.My sister often does her homework in the evening.(改否定句) Is his favourite subject English? What’s her mother’s favorite color? Why does he like art? My sister doesn’t often do her homework in the evening. Dear Jenny, I am very busy _____ (在周五). At 8:00 I ____ (上数学课). It is not fun. The teacher ___ (说) it is useful, but I think it is difficult. Then _______(在九点) I have science. It is difficult but interesting. At 10:00 I have history._____ ( 那之后), I have P.E. at 11:00. It is easy and fun. Lunch is _____ (从12点到1点),and after that we have Chinese. It is my favorite subject. Our Chinese teacher, Mrs. Wang is great fun._________ (我的课结束) at 1:50, but after that I have an art lesson _______________(两个小时). It is really relaxing! How about you? When are your classes? What is your favorite subject? Your friend, Yu Mei Yu Mei on Friday have math says at nine After that from 12 to 1 My classes finish for two hours Unit 9 ┃ 能力提升训练 Summary Words: Subjects------- Weekdays and weekends----- Adjectives ------- Wh-词 Sentences : * Homework 1.Read and remember the words of this unit. 2.W rite a passage MY FRIDAY *
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